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  About us :  
  wWw.ITjobsBANGKOK.COM is an IT focused job site for job opportunities in Bangkok & Thailand.

The site is developed & conceived considering the amount of disparity in the demand & supply of quality technically tested & English speaking IT professionals in Thailand.

The payment options to the employer are also unique as they can pay as less as 20B per jobSeeker for only contact details from database OR opt for technical interview & screening from us instead of going through the whole selection process themselves. More details : wWw.ITjobsBANGKOK.COM/employer/payment.php

Jobs can be posted for free on the site. Technical testing is done inhouse & with Testing center partners.

Due to the lack of English as a communication tool - which is so very important in the IT industry many clients esp. MNC's , Japanese & Chinese ownership or ' farang ' owned SME's seek these jobSeekers desperately through the daily English newspapers, HR Consulting firms & referrals.

Banking, Super Malls ( the size of football fields ), Hotels, Travel & Tourism industry, Manufacturing Giants, Software banks, e-commerce houses, stock markets, media barons, entertainment industry, Mobile Industry , Telecom Industry , Hardware manufacturers, R& D houses, Training establishments, Universities etc are all a part of the booming, vibrant & growing economy of Thailand.

The present Govt.s IT policies are very well suited for Thai as well as foreign IT professional.

The Information & Technology Ministry & a few non-profit public co-operations guard the welfare , rights & development of the IT industry in Thailand.

  There is a good representation of global certifying bodies having offices here for skill recognition & testing certification.

The IT market here is a good change for many computing professionals from the developing countries esp in the SE Pacific subcontinent which includes : Korea,Japan,Singapore,Malaysia,Taiwan,Myanmar,Philippines,Vietnam,Laos, Cambodia

This becomes a good ground for furthering once career ambitions.. globally , which otherwise would be pretty difficult from their home country due to the sheer competition from various quarters apart from unwanted nuisance values like politics & influence.

We would exhort each & every employer to post his job & employee to take a chance & post his / her resume with us & try our services.

wWw.ITjobsBANGKOK.COM will also strive to negotiate on behalf of both Employee & Employer for the best possible figures so that a good balance of co existence for long term relations is established.

IT Employers of Thailand can look for well tested, pre selected, interviewed, back referenced jobSeekers in our database/s.

We have tele-conference facilities all though the day for gauging the e technical capabilities of any prospective jobSeeker before inviting him/her for a personal interview to Bangkok.

We suggest that in case of many positions to be filled & no local availability the Employer can accompany us to the country of jobSeeker/s & save costs.

The directors have experience of more than a decade in IT recruitments & have already gone through 100,000 resumes of different color, size & hues , globally before coming to Bangkok's IT markets.

They are very well versed with the latest technology updates & members of reputed govt. & non-govt. organizations.

Having worked globally they can be a guiding force in the relocation & settlement of multi-national jobSeekers in Thailand.

Thanks for being a loyal reader & hope you will patronize this website -- with a difference !

  members : thai Chamber Of Commerce.  
  registered as a e-comm website with ministry of commerce & business development, govt. of thailand  

Hotline : +66.9788.5343